Malezia Purified MCT Oil
Malezia Purified MCT Oil
Malezia Purified MCT Oil
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Malezia Purified MCT Oil

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Dive into the first step of our complete acne-battling regimen with our premium MCT oil.

Harnessing the unmatched clarity of Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, this oil is designed to dissolve and lift away long-wear cosmetics like makeup and SPF formulations with unparalleled efficacy. 

Note: this does not rinse off with water, and should be followed up with Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser as part of a double cleanse. 

Unlike other MCTs, our Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride is meticulously sourced and contains no trace amount of C12-24 fatty acids, enhancing its microbial potency against Malassezia, a microorganism linked to acne and "fungal acne." (1)

Our MCT is also encased in an elegantly designed 100% aluminum bottle, marrying luxury with our deep commitment to environmental responsibility. 🌲🌎

INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Jetesa Mahalla
Best Oil Cleanser

I absolutely love this! I use this oil to double cleanse and it seriously does the job. It is safe for my acne prone skin and because it thoroughly cleans my skin, I haven’t gotten any breakouts! Takes off sunscreen & makeup.

Jaymee Cruz
Great oil

The last cleansing oil I used did not agree with my skin I had bumps for weeks after.. this one on the other hand feels great and gentle on my skin. It took me a bit to realize that my skin isn’t meant to be stripped so once I stopped using the cleanser 3-4 times to get all the oil off my skin has improved so much, it’s soft and moisturized and does a great job removing makeup even waterproof mascara and spf.. so far I love all malezia products . Plus the bottle is beautiful .. it does leak in shipping but not enough to make a noticeable difference that you’ve lost much product !

Curly Cream Hair Products Next!


just lovin

ok. i might be very dramatic. but this oil just deserves the praise! i have struggled with acne and blackhead and all kinds of trouble since my horrible depression kicked in and kind of changed my whole system, i tried out several cleansing oil products that were said to be the solution. of course, that never worked. so i thought i should stay away from oil no matter what. but just by treating my skin with a cleansing water and a cleanser/soap, i felt like my skin wasn't really washed properly, like something was always missing. Anddd after years of tryouts, i have finally found the RIGHT OIL that softly but effectively cleans up my skin never causing an acne. i can't help but thank this Malezia team! you have made my days finally clear!

Gretchen Dupuy
MCT oil

Wonderful product! Definitely helping to cure my skin issues. Would highly recommend this product.

Janna Machalek
Silky smooth, non-irritating, price is right

I love the product and the amount you get for the price is good. Our previous massage oil irritated my partners back and this does not! We both struggle with fungal acne and this has been non-irritating for face and body. It is fairly dry to the touch once absorbed.


Finally an oil cleanser that doesn't make me break out while also does its job!!!

Emily Hampton
Oil cleanse

I dont normally leave reviews but I felt like this brands products are great. When i started my research about seb derm i really wanted to start oil cleansing and it was hard to find one that wouldnt break out my seb derm. been using it for a little and my skin is smoother in texture

Kim K.
I’m so grateful for this oil.

Whew, have I been on skin care journey this past year! While trying to figure out what was going on with my skin, I learned that I likely had fungal acne. But just previous to that I also discovered I have sebum plugs, and oil cleansing is the only way I can get those plugs out of my pores. Now, when I went to get serious about clearing up my fungal acne, I changed my entire skin routine, but the one thing I was worried to give up was my oil cleanser. With this product, I can keep oil cleansing for my sebum plugs and keep my fungal acne from reoccurring.

Maria Rojas

I remember looking up fungal skin care acne and having to sort through lists of safe skincare… this makeup remover is a game changer! Not drying, easy to rinse off, soothing and takes off my waterproof mascara. FC you are amazing!