About Us

Hi there! Welcome to Malezia :)


If you are new around here, let us quickly fill you in on some history:

Malezia is a microbiology-based skincare company that got started on Simple Skincare Science — a blog where f.c wrote evidence-based skincare guides…. most notably about malassezia, and / or “fungal acne” as it’s colloquially known on the interwebs.

The blog was born out of personal frustration with skin issues like acne, malassezia folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis (among others) and the lack of helpful information out there on how to treat these conditions.

Here's an excerpt from Simple Skincare Science's early days:

Long story short, after four years of writing research articles some up to 50 pages long, f.c. along with the awesome community at Simple Skincare Science were able to slowly piece together what does and does not work when it comes to skincare.

However, despite all their combined efforts there was still a lot left to be desired when it came to what products they wished existed in the world — and with that Malezia sprang into existence!

Malezia has one central goal: DESTROY SKIN DISEASES. 

Too dramatic? 🤔  

Okay, but seriously.... we want to help people feel more confident in their skin. In our opinion, that is best done using evidence-based skincare that takes opportunistic microorganisms into consideration.

That is why, for example, Malezia never uses ingredients that feed malassezia, cutibacterium, and staphylococcus (among other species). You can read more about the logic behind that here. 

Secondly, we think skincare should be fun for all, so we listen to what our audience wants and adjust accordingly. Interested in helping? You can take one of our product surveys here! :) 

With that said, we hope you’ll join us on this adventure and give Malezia a try. We'd really appreciate the support! And who knows? You might just find some holy grail products around the corner.

The Malezia Team