You got questions..... we got answers! :)

How is Malezia pronounced?

Muh-leh-zee-uh :)

How can I cancel my order? 

For your convenience, we offer the ability to cancel your order directly through the order confirmation page immediately after checkout, or via the link provided at the bottom of your order confirmation email. Please note, cancellations are only possible within 3 hours of placing your order.

This policy is in place due to our commitment to fulfill and dispatch orders swiftly, often within 3 hours after they are placed. After this period, your order may already be in the process of being shipped, and we might not be able to cancel it.

If you wish to cancel your order after the 3-hour window has elapsed, please contact us directly to check if cancellation is still possible.

How can I redeem a free product through the rewards program? 

Malezia offers a recycling reward program where you can receive a free product of your choice by participating. Here's how the program works:

  1. Purchase and Use Five Malezia Products: You need to buy and use five Malezia products completely.
  2. Photo of Empty Tubes: After using the products, cut off the top part of the five empty tubes as shown in this video, and take a photo of them. 
  3. Show Clean Tubes: Then, rinse the tubes so that no product remains inside, and take another photo showing the cleaned tubes.
  4. Recycle and Photograph: Next, place the tubes in a recycling bin and take a photo of this as well. (This step ensures that the tubes are being recycled properly.)

After completing these steps and taking the necessary photos, email them to care@malezia.com

The Malezia team will then review your photos, order history, and process your request by sending a free product of choice!

How can I prevent excess product from coming out of my tube when unscrewing the cap?

We have addressed this in the following video. To summarize:

Simply hold the tube upside so the lotion falls towards the crimped end. Alternatively, you can tap the crimped end on a surface a couple times, or give the tube a couple shakes. 

Doing this will cause the lotion or gel to slide towards the seal, which will leave plenty of room at the base near the cap to prevent any excess product from flowing out when unscrewing the cap. 

Is my tube under-filled?

Of course not! We calibrate our pneumatic piston machines to dispense 50 grams. They have an accuracy of 1-2%, and we periodically check them throughout the days we fill to ensure they’re working properly.

Below are a couple photos for reference. The first shows the weight of an empty tube, which is approximately 6 grams. The second photo is a filled tube that we squeezed to show the "empty space" inside — it weighs 56 grams, which nets 50 grams of product as advertised. 

Per our aluminum tube manufacturer’s guidelines, a tube that contains 50 ml of product should have a length of 5 inches — this is to allow enough room for two folds during crimping. If the tubes were filled any more than they currently are, product would leak from the top end during the first fold. 

The only reason our acne treatment gel feels more full, despite both tubes having the same mass is because of the higher viscosity and rheological modifying / water swelling effect of carbomer, which causes it to take up more space in the tube. The moisturizer in comparison is thinner and can freely move around the tube, which allows the metal to contort to any shape. 

You can always verify the weight is as advertised by using a scale if there is one available. :)

What is your shipping policy?

We offer $7 flat rate shipping on all U.S. orders. Orders ship out within 24 hours Monday through Friday. 

Please note that orders are non-refundable and Malezia is not responsible for lost, stolen, or delayed packages that are correctly or incorrectly addressed. Claims for missing packages can be filed with the carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.). 

Do you ship internationally? 

We offer $15 flat rate international shipping to most countries. Orders ship out within 24 hours Monday through Friday. 

On average orders take 2 weeks to arrive to most international locations. However, in rare instances, transit time can take up to 45 days.

Unfortunately, we have no control over custom fees, paying duties, local taxes, or packages being withheld. This is the recipient’s sole responsibility

Should there be issues with your package, you can contact your local Customs Department with any questions or concerns regarding the release of your order. For this reason, we strongly encourage putting a phone number in the checkout section when ordering.  

Please note that international shipping costs are non-refundable and Malezia is not responsible for lost, stolen, or delayed shipments that are correctly or incorrectly addressed. Claims for missing and delayed packages can be filed with the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) or Customs Department. 

Do you offer refunds? 

We offer refunds for any damaged, defective, or wrong items sent.

Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer refunds if a product doesn't work for you. Once a product has been opened or used, we can no longer re-sell it for health and hygienic reasons. 

If you are looking to cancel your order, please email us at care@malezia.com as soon as possible with the order number and subject line “Cancellation”. Please note that cancellation is not guaranteed because we try to fulfill orders as fast as possible.  

If you have additional questions or need to contact us regarding a return, please contact us at care@malezia.com 

Are your products vegan and cruelty free? 

Our products are vegan and we don't test on animal (or have a desire to). Additionally, none of our suppliers have tested on animals in the past 5 years. We are in the process of getting leaping bunny certified. 

Does the acne treatment gel bleach fabric?

Benzoyl peroxide can cause bleaching if it comes into contact with WET fabric. To avoid bleaching, keep it away from wet fabrics. 

Is the acne treatment gel good for "fungal acne"?

Please refer to this post on our instagram. 

Can I use the acne treatment gel with other active ingredients? 

For optimal results, please refrain from using other active ingredients with our acne treatment gel for at least 8 weeks. After 8 weeks of following our 3 step regimen religiously, you may slowly incorporate other actives to see how your skin responds and adjust accordingly.

How long do the products last?

2-3 months at the recommended usage. 

Is glycerin FA safe?

Yes! Please see this post on Simple Skincare Science for more information :)

Which of your products are pregnancy safe? 

The Malezia 5% Urea Moisturizer is 100% safe for pregnancy.

There are varying opinions on whether benzoyl peroxide (the active ingredient in our acne treatment gel) is safe during pregnancy. For example, the Dermatology Times states that according to this review, "systemic absorption is minimal, and benzoyl peroxide is metabolized to benzoic acid (a food additive) in the skin." 

The American Academy of Dermatology says, "it’s safe to use in limited amounts," but recommends talking with your obstetrician or dermatologist first before using it while pregnant. 

When will you be releasing X product? 

The order of our next releases are: cleansing balm, gel cleanser, MCT oil, exfoliating serum, azelaic acid treatment, sunscreen and everything else is to be determined. There are currently a lot of supply chain disruptions and delays, so it may be several months before a new product comes out. 

We will conduct more surveys after that to assess what people want next! :)

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

We are a small three person brand that intentionally chose to not have a marketing department in order to keep costs low. If you want to help us expand, increase production speed / delivery times, or release new products please consider trying our products giving us a shoutout on social media. Word of mouth is the only way people can discover Malezia. 💙