Malezia 5% Urea Moisturizer
Malezia 5% Urea Moisturizer
Malezia 5% Urea Moisturizer
Malezia 5% Urea Moisturizer
Malezia 5% Urea Moisturizer
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Malezia 5% Urea Moisturizer

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She cute.... and long awaited. The infamous "urea moisturizer" created by f.c. himself! This product underwent several dozen formulations before its current iteration. *Cue this isn't my final form meme. 😏

Its star ingredient is urea, a molecule found in the skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that plays an integral role in improving skin barrier function. 

Urea is one of those magical unicorn ingredients with the ability to both hydrate AND mildly exfoliate. It's so effective as a hydrator, in fact, that it outperforms vaseline in some studies. (1)

For more information about all things urea, please see our blog post on Simple Skincare Science. 

Other key features!

  • Glycerin: works synergistically with urea for added hydration and smoothing effect. (2)
  • Dimethicone: creates a protective barrier and locks in moisture.
  • Hyaluronic acid: hydrates skin by attracting 1000 times its weight in water. 
  • Allantoin: skin-soothing and stabilizes urea. 
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: an emollient that softens skin. It took us months to find, but we're happy to report that our caprylic/capric triglyceride is as pure as it gets and contains no trace amount of C12-24 fatty acids :)

INCI: Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Urea, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Sodium Polyacrylate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Trideceth-6, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin

Customer Reviews

Based on 348 reviews
Literally miraculous

Folks. Folks. I am about to turn 36 and I have been trying to clear my skin since I was a child. I have tried E V E R Y T H I N G and exhausted myself with research and money spent on products. I have large pores, redness, hormonal breakouts, PIH, dehydration, you name it. I have been using the Malezia moisturizer and acne treatment gel according to the regimen guide for, idk, maybe a week? And I have not had a new breakout since, which is big time news for me. I'm a couple days out from starting my period and this would be the time when hormonal warfare is breaking out on my face, jawline, and neck... but there's nothing. Not even one little pimple. Aside from this, my skin feels so balanced and comfortable. My skin tone is evening out. I haven't been using it for long and I can't wait to see the continued changes. I'm here stocking up on more because I never want to be without it. I cannot WAIT for them to release new products! THANK YOU, MALEZIA <3

My skin is finally balanced!!

Before I received this moisturizer, I was using Vanicream and Cerave but my skin couldn’t tolerate their moisturizers so I decided to try this one because I was always getting little forehead bumps with the Vanicream moisturizer and the Cerave lotion. Within the first 3 days of me using Malezia, my little bumps on my forehead reduced. It’s been 2 weeks and I don’t see any irritation on my forehead and surprisingly my nose doesn’t have that many blackheads anymore so if your skin is sensitive and dehydrated like mine, I highly suggest this product.

Such a great moisturizer!!

I love the texture on this. I am very picky about moisturizer, but this is not too light or too heavy and works well with makeup. (I live in a dry region with moderate temperatures.) I have noticed a reduction in the stubborn bumps on my forehead, but it's too early to tell how much this will ultimately help with that.

New Holy Grail

Y'all. This stuff truly is amazing. I was skeptical at first because nothing ever seems to work on me but I'm SO glad I took a chance on both products. They have actually delivered on their promises like nothing else has. So long as it never changes, I'll be a loyal customer for life. I've been using both the moisturizer and the BP and I'm honestly terrified to even slightly deviate from my new routine because this is the best my skin has looked and felt in years. This moisturizer feels like silk on your skin and you wake up feeling that way too. Not sticky, heavy, oily, greasy, pill-y. It's a beautiful, lightweight formulation that does not break me out. If anything, my texture is smooth and my complexion is bright and clear. Eternally grateful to F.C.

This stuff is amazing!!

I got the urea moisturizer with the highest of hopes that I would finally have the perfect moisturizer I had been looking for - and it did not disappoint! It's hard to explain - it just feels amazing on....not too sticky or oily or greasy...just magical perfection! I'm definitely going to be ordering more and would recommend trying this to anyone!:)

The perfect moisturizer

Not only am I prone to fungal acne, I'm also dealing with aging skin and need a good moisturizer to counter the dryness from prescription retinoids. My skin has been so soft and moisturized since I started using this. It has a lightweight (but still very moisturizing) texture that plays nicely under sunscreen and makeup. No breakouts from this at all.

Absolutely amazing works wonders for my problematic skin

Its been over a week since using this product. But this small time frame has been more than enough to show great results. I have spent my whole life dealing with red, inflamed oily skin with a diagnosis of seb derm along with fungal acne and mild rosacea. Being a bloke has meant I've tried to shrug it off a lot but its still knocked my confidence quite considerably. I've been following f.cs skincare blogging for some time now and it has provided me with a lot of relief from symptoms from the products discussed. However, with the mainstream products there would always be atleast one ingredient that would cause issues with my skin eventually, meaning i could only work with a very select few. This stuff on the other hand is just incredible. F.c is an absolute legend and clearly knows what he is talking about when it comes to this stuff. In comparison to the dermatologists i have visited they have been useless, often prescribing me with products that feed malasezia or just irritated my skin. (Im not saying all derms are like this but think carefully before you fork out hundreds to them expecting them to fix your skin)

Anyway back to the product, its lightweight, applies easy, i also really like the metallic squeeze bottle. But more importantly than all of that it has tranformed my skin and just made it look great for once in my life!

One thing i will say though is that for me personally after application my skin looks kind of sweaty/oily even for a few hours after. I'm assuming this might be the hyaluronic acid as i have had a similar effect to products with this ingredient in the past. This isnt a major issue but it just makes me prefer to use this on days off or as a night moisturiser and then i use boscia green tea moisturiser on days were i want to look more presentable and not as sweaty/oily.

Non the less, once i wake up my skin has been glowing and just looks amazing with the redness considerably reduced and my pores looking great.

Fantastic work by f.c here!!. And even though i have to pay a substantial amount for shipping being from the uk, i can see myself buying this product for the foreseeable future.

Please all i ask is that if you do update the ingredients that you keep producing this product and have different versions of it. Also, I'm not sure what your plans currently are but a sunscreen version would be awesome too!

Anyway for everyone else i can't recomend enough giving this a try, while it might not work for you aswell as it has done for me atleast even if that is the case you would have been supporting a small company starting out with a whole lot of potential!. Like seriously even if they didn't get it right this time for you, supporting a small buisness like this who are dedicated to these very specific skin care needs could mean they crack the magic formula for you skin with a future product (how i justified it before buying).

Anyway Thank you so much f.c, i will continue to buy this product and support this brand for as long as you make it!

Finally.....better skin!!!

What can I say?? This stuff is AMAZING! Having spent literally hundreds of pounds over the years on different cream, lotions and potions, THIS WORKS!!!
It makes my skin super soft, hydrated and is a perfect make up primer too. I’ve noticed my seb derm reduce dramatically. Since discoveringF.C and simple skincare science I have followed his updates, advice and guidance - he has been a godsend!!
Thank you so much for this product, I will be ordering more!
Thank you thank you thank you 😊

Pretty darn good (for me!)

I've been using this product everyday for a month now and I feel its time to share my experience. Before using this product, my skin was severely dry and dehydrated. Wrinkly from the dryness, and itchy and red from the fungal acne in certain spots, overall just very sensitive to .. basically everything. I was using Krave Oat Water Cream? for about 2 years now and although it was the only product that didnt cause me to break out, it always left my face feeling soo tight, even when I smiled or opened my mouth to eat. Adding squalane oil didnt really help either. So sad.

After switching to this Urea cream, I noticed that tight feeling on my face is now completely gone. My skin is clear (less bumps/closed comedones) and somehow, my under eye wrinkles are less obvious. I really noticed the change one day this week when I was in my car at a red light, sun in my face so I flipped the car mirror down to inspect my skin texture - and saw that my skin was honestly the best its looked in years. I couldn't believe it.

As for texture, its not super thick like cerave but when applied, its like a very thin layer of moisture that my skin just loves so much right now. Even if I only use this every other night, my skin still doesn't feel any where near as dry or dehydrated as before when I was using Krave. Im so happy this particular cream is working for my skin type. Now I am experimenting with layering this over my Krave cream (since I have so much stocked up) and so far so good.

My only issue is I sort of broke out around my chin (which is the most reactive part of my face) after the first few uses.. but I can't even be mad because every product no matter what it is has given me chin acne so I know moving forward to just always skip that area.

Thanks FC :) Can't wait for the next line of products!!!!

Good product!

I have definitely seen a lot of progress for fungal acne on my forehead. I am happy with that progress and also feel I don’t really break out on my forehead. I think this moisturizer is a nice addition to my routine, and I would recommended it. I have a combination of mild acne and eczema and I think applying this often helps deter both.