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Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)

Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)

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Est. new order shipment time: 1-2 weeks.

The workhorse behind Malezia's three step regimen. Our moisturizer may hydrate the daylights out of skin, but this is what treats acne, eliminates blackheads, and refines texture! 😉

Featuring 2.5% MICRONIZED benzoyl peroxide, which is an FDA approved topical antiseptic for the treatment of acne. 

Perhaps you've tried benzoyl peroxide in the past and weren't a fan because it can be irritating and make skin drier than Satan's weenus. We get it! That's why we emphasized the micronized part.

Micronization is the process of milling down the average diameter of a solid material’s particles. This is important because homogenous dispersions of finer particles have proven to yield better results in fighting acne with less risk of irritation. In fact, one study found micronized benzoyl peroxide actually INCREASED skin moisture! 

For reference, our benzoyl peroxide has an average particle size of 5 microns: smaller than the size of a bacteria cell.

But that's not all! We've also included 0.5% sodium phytate for its ability to boost skin moisture and elasticity, regulate oil production, and combat hyperpigmentation.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use our acne treatment gel.

For more information on the benefits and microbicidal activity of benzoyl peroxide, please see this post on Simple Skincare Science

Inactive ingredients: Water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Phytate, Sodium Hydroxide

Customer Reviews

Based on 303 reviews
Hannah K
Solid and consistent results, but not amazing.

Hey f.c. and Malezia. Any tips that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I want to say thank you for formulating this product, and all the effort you’ve put into making clean skincare for us all. I definitely saw results with using the benzoyl peroxide and moisturiser. Overall, my skin felt more hydrated and looked clearer than it did pre-Malezia. Some clogged pores did pop up here and there, but they all disappeared within a day. However, I didn’t see much progress with the clogged pores on my nose and around my mouth. I have sebaceous filaments/blackheads present on and around my nose, as well as sebaceous filaments/closed comedones around my mouth. I’m a little disappointed that there was no reduction in the appearance and presence of these lesions. I’ve tried eliminating my cleanser from my routine, but ended up breaking out as a result, so I don’t think it’s my cleanser.

My routine looks like this:
wash with water
apply Malezia moisturiser

wash with Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Foaming Cleanser
apply Malezia BP gel
apply Malezia moisturiser

Any tips on how I could improve my routine would be greatly appreciated.

Skin on the mend!

I will give this 5 stars even though my skin hasn’t fully healed. After 2 weeks using both products I’ve noticed a massive difference. I will say FOLLOW instructions and I will be leaving another review after 8 weeks!

A Gift from God. -Sincerely, a member of the "Suddenly I Have Acne But Nothing Helps" Club (:

To the person reading this who has lost all hope that they could have clear skin again and is ready to accept defeat, this is for you. Don't give up!
I know it's obnoxiously long, but the moral of the story is at the bottom.

For reference, I'm a 23 year old girl who has never had much issue with acne, relatively speaking. Occasional breakouts in the awkward, ugly, teenage years... but never anything crazy, until 2020. Cue the face diapers and utter chaos. Within 3 weeks of the 'start' of the pandemic, my skin took a proverbial dump. The biggest issue has been tons of bumps. So, as one would, I started treating my skin for clogged pores/blackheads. Physically exfoliating, harsh chemical exfoliants, and my dermatologist gave me a tretinoin + antibiotic gel because I was getting huge, painful cystic pimples that would hang around *forever*.
No improvement after 8 months, by now its Summer 2021.
Prescribed oral antibiotics --> no improvement; tiny bumps multiplied.
Prescribed Spironolactone to control oil --> little improvement in bumps; still getting cysts.
So I decided to figure this out on my own and experiment. I tried oil cleansing. The first couple days went good, then the bumps got worse. They were no longer mainly at my jaw/chin, but now moving to my cheeks/temples/forehead. I read oil cleansing can cause purge, so give it time. My skin 3 weeks later? Trash.
At this point I was giving up, but would drive myself insane looking for any suggestions on the internet. My anxiety surrounding my skin was so bad. Sometimes I would just cry.. its so frustrating when nothing helps.
One day I landed on F.C.'s article about fungal acne. PLEASE read it if you're in a similar situation! That article is/was describing my skin. I swallowed my pride and went all in. I put away my old products, went to Target ASAP and bought Vanicream Gentle Cleanser and Dr. Eddies HappyCappy shampoo. Then I ordered Malezia products.
While waiting for them, I started using the new stuff. I use HappyCappy as a mask for 5ish minutes twice a day. After only 2 days, the amount / size of bumps was drastically decreased. This whole time I just needed cradle cap shampoo for babies. Cool.
I started incorporating Malezia products exactly one month ago from today. My skin doesn't feel like sandpaper anymore. I don't cringe when applying products and I feel my skins texture. My uneven skin tone is starting to even out. I haven't had a single cystic pimple. My moisture barrier that I had destroyed is starting to repair as time goes on. And the bumps are going away. *crying*
I have seen unbelievable improvement over the past month just from these simple (and very affordable) changes in my skincare routine.
It is going to take time, but I know my skin will be clear again someday. Malassezia folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis, fungal acne, satanic microbes - whatever you want to call it - can kiss my ass.
Thank you F.C. and the Malezia team.

K. Hendricks
Not irritating

The product is not drying or irritating on my sensitive skin. I’ve only used it for a week but I can notice a difference in how my skin is starting to clear up.

Nastassja W
Only moisturizer that doesn’t break me out

look, i never write reviews but i was genuinely impressed with how much better my skin looks after using malezia moisturizer and benzoyl peroxide gel. my skin isn’t perfect… but it looks good enough that i stopped hiding it under makeup. i only wish the product came in a larger bottle

Favourite treatment

Works, is cost effective, doesn’t irritate, does it’s job.

Tricia Mcclure
I can tolerate it!!!

I’m almost 39 and have struggled with acne since I was a teenager. Benzoyl peroxide always worked the best for me but a few years ago I stopped using it because I just didn’t think I needed it anymore. That was a mistake! My skin slowly started breaking out again and six months later I decided to use benzoyl peroxide again…. But I was in for a huge disappointment. I couldn’t tolerate it anymore! I tried different application methods but my skin would just burn and peel. So it had been over two years since I had been able to use benzoyl peroxide and my skin was a mess. I recently ran across this blog and thought, what the heck I’ll give it a try. I started using only fungal acne safe products and picked up the Malezia benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer. And to my surprise I could tolerate the benzoyl peroxide 🙌🏻🙌🏻 ( the moisturizer is amazing too but this review isn’t for that 😁). Using recommendations from the blog with this benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer = clear skin!!!! I finally have clear skin!! Please come out with more products- I will buy everything!! Thank you soooo much!!!! Seriously, I can’t stop smiling and doing a happy dance 💃🏻 😄

Finally something that works

I've been battling fungal acne for a few years now and I've tried so many things that just didn't work or irriated my skin too much. I've been using both the Malezia Urea cream and the Benzolyl peroxide ever since I pre-ordered it in March. I totally forgot I even had a problem with fungal acne. I have not seen any of it any quite some time now. I just forgot it even existed. This product is perfect. And it doesn't even dry out my skin. My only issue is that I can't put any of the products below my nose above my lips because it does dry out my lips and the skin around there. I use the products every 2-3 days and they still work perfectly.

Emily Delagrange
Best benzoyl peroxide product ever

I’ve only been using this for a few weeks now but I’m in love. My face has cleared up dramatically, with zero irritation. When I’ve used BP in the past I’ve had awful dryness and peeling, but this stuff is super gentle. Would definitely recommend!

Nikki Pratte
Sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide and it still works wonders for me!

When I purchased this product, I didn't know that my skin was very sensitive to benzoyl perioxide. It's really important to follow the regimen instructions posted on this website (duh, right?) which includes how to do a patch test, I wish I had paid attention to it. Pay attention to it and avoid having a swollen face like I did at first! Since then I've found that it's best to be generous and frequent with the moisturizer to keep my skin's moisture barrier up, and when using the Acne Treatment, I only apply the thinnest of films to the skin at night. It is so powerful so a little goes a long way! I use an approved face cleanser when I have worn make up, otherwise I am finding that rinsing with water (again, part of the regimen on this website) is fine. I've suffered with fungal acne for about 30 years. Using Malezia Acne Treatment and Urea Moisturizer have given me the clearest skin I'VE EVER HAD. I can't thank f.c. enough for his website and these products, they are a godsend! Apologies that I don't have a before picture - just imagine two angry red splotches on my cheeks and my nose being much redder, as well as acne on my chin and around my mouth.