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Hi there! Welcome to Malezia :)


If you are new around here, let us quickly fill you in on some history....

Our founder is the person who popularized the idea "fungal acne." 

To quote Gizmodo magazine:

"In spring 2017, a Simple Skincare Science post went up. After that, as Google Trends shows, it was as if a fungal acne bomb had gone off." 

Our founder (the anonymous f.c.) created Simple Skincare Science in 2016 and wrote dozens of evidence-based skincare guides for free…. most notably about malassezia, and / or “fungal acne” as it’s colloquially known on the internet.

The blog was born out of his personal frustration with skin issues like acne, malassezia folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis and the lack of helpful information on how to treat these conditions.

Here's an excerpt from f.c. in response to a reader during the early days of Simple Skincare Science:

After four years of writing research articles some up to 50 pages long, f.c. along with the awesome community at Simple Skincare Science slowly pieced together what does and does not work when it comes to skincare.

Through this rigorous research, we discovered that the key to healthy skin lies in using evidence-based skincare ingredients that don't feed opportunistic bacteria and fungi.

Unfortunately, this something 99% of products don't consider.

At Malezia, we are committed to pioneering microbiology-driven formulations, staying at the forefront of scientific research, and crafting innovative products that prioritize skin health without fueling harmful microorganisms.

All our formulations are microbiome inert, minimizing impact on skin flora, while utilizing evidence-based active ingredients. 

You can learn more about our skincare philosophy on this page

The Malezia Team