malezia tube key
malezia aluminum tube key
aluminum tube key malezia moisturizer
aluminum tube key malezia moisturizer
malezia skincare aluminum tube key
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Malezia Tube Key

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In love with your new Malezia skincare? Hate to see even a smidge of it go to waste?

We hate freeloading product too — the dollops that like to linger in the back corners of the tube, or in the folds and crinkles where they think that no one will notice them. At Malezia, we suffer no fools and we tolerate no slouches.

**Enter super sexy tube key.**

Sophisticated, chic, and hot off the production line. This embossed tube key was specifically designed for whipping those insufferable little deadbeats back into fighting shape.

Do I need it?

While you may be tempted to force product out with your super strong bare hands, we don’t recommend it.

Malezia tubes are constructed of sustainable aluminum that is 100% recyclable. This means that, while the oceans and ozone layers are a big fan of Malezia, the packaging is susceptible to splitting if it is pinched, crumpled, or rolled incorrectly. Oh, the sacrifices we must make for the continued survival of our species!

Utilizing a tube key will allow you to safely and effectively squeeze out every last bit of product without risking tears or leaking product.

Yes, you could get by without it. But don’t be a hero. Save yourself the hassle, frustration, and money on replacement product by adding it to your cart at checkout.

How does it work?

Firstly, squeeze the end of the tube as flat as possible along the seam. Next, slip the seam of the tube into the pinchers of your tube key. Give it a quarter-turn or so to secure the tube around the key and get your roll started. Voilà! Go give that acne hell.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Miss America
I love this stuff.

I am 37 & have always had trouble with my skin. Spent thousands on skincare & was never satisfied. I simply stumbled upon this brand (while searching for Urea face moisturizer) & loaded my cart with the benzoyl just because. It works. My skin was almost immediately better looking. After 2 applications, I had brighter & less irritated skin. I have mild rosacea on my cheeks & across my nose & I have little red pimples all over that tend to get picked 😬 Anyway, I’m a lifer. Give this a try like I did.

Hayley S
Life Saving!!

I had been struggling with an acne like breakout since summer of 2022. Saw multiple doctors and dermatologists that just told me to continue washing my face. I had tried everything, oral & topical antibiotics, IV therapy, diet changes, etc. Nothing worked until I found your guide to Fungal Ance and Malezia. I haven’t had a breakout since the end of 2022. This product is a life saver and really saved my skin! Three pictures are the before and 1 after.

Thank you so much for making this product!!


This tool is so perfect to make sure you get every little thing out of the product tubes. It feels very luxurious but without that price tag. I’ve even used it with other products I have too. Definitely recommend getting one.

PERFECT Addition.

Don’t skimp. Get the tube key! Weighty and super high quality. It helps to eliminate waste providing a more measured disbursement and helps avoid contamination by touching the tube to skin. It makes the undesirable packaging way more easy to work with.

Christina Graf

I have finally found a moisturizer that works, no more dry patches whatsoever and it does not irritate my fungal acne! A little goes a long way for me. Thank you!!! I will continue to buy this product, it is amazing!

Jane V
The best!

This stuff is pure gold. I actually start panicking when a tube runs low. 10 years of feeling gross in my skin with acne rosacea and now I don’t need to wear makeup. Buy it. Buy it now. You will not regret it. Pretty please decrease the shipping cost to to Australia - my only gripe! :)

Works good

Great brand good stuff

My new favorite products

I don’t know where I would be without these products. My skin looks so glowy and I no longer get those insane breakouts that popped up all over my face last year. Pretty sure this skincare line cured my skin.

Julie De Wispelaere
Skin loves it

I was very eager to try this cream since I have been looking for a fa safe moisturiser with urea for ages. Still early days to tell, but I love the texture on my skin.

Awesome stuff

Great products. As much as I unfortunately have not had as much success with skin clearing as rapidly as some I stick with the product because of the quality of it as well as the integrity used in its development and it certainly is not making anything worse. Great customer service and honest folks. Winning combination all the way around. Waiting on that Face wash FC !!