malezia tube key
malezia aluminum tube key
aluminum tube key malezia moisturizer
aluminum tube key malezia moisturizer
malezia skincare aluminum tube key
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Malezia Tube Key

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In love with your new Malezia skincare? Hate to see even a smidge of it go to waste?

We hate freeloading product too — the dollops that like to linger in the back corners of the tube, or in the folds and crinkles where they think that no one will notice them. At Malezia, we suffer no fools and we tolerate no slouches.

**Enter super sexy tube key.**

Sophisticated, chic, and hot off the production line. This embossed tube key was specifically designed for whipping those insufferable little deadbeats back into fighting shape.

Do I need it?

While you may be tempted to force product out with your super strong bare hands, we don’t recommend it.

Malezia tubes are constructed of sustainable aluminum that is 100% recyclable. This means that, while the oceans and ozone layers are a big fan of Malezia, the packaging is susceptible to splitting if it is pinched, crumpled, or rolled incorrectly. Oh, the sacrifices we must make for the continued survival of our species!

Utilizing a tube key will allow you to safely and effectively squeeze out every last bit of product without risking tears or leaking product.

Yes, you could get by without it. But don’t be a hero. Save yourself the hassle, frustration, and money on replacement product by adding it to your cart at checkout.

How does it work?

Firstly, squeeze the end of the tube as flat as possible along the seam. Next, slip the seam of the tube into the pinchers of your tube key. Give it a quarter-turn or so to secure the tube around the key and get your roll started. Voilà! Go give that acne hell.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Yellowish substance

I just received my products but the lotion top today morning has a rusty yellowish look, and it looks like it goes all the way inside, am alittle worried

That is not rust. Aluminum physically cannot rust. What you’re seeing is our BPA-NI lacquer a.k.a. the thing that coats the entire inside of the aluminum to prevent the product from reacting with metal. It's the same thing found on the inside of every soda can, beer, and lacroix for example. Please see our FAQ for more information.

So far, so great

I am 41 years old and am just now figuring out what is causing my rosacea/acne. My face has been a mess for years and really took a turn for the worst after a small surgery where they gave me IV antibiotics - I have to believe the antibiotics really threw my body for a loop (huge imbalance of fungus/bacteria) and my face started to get a little better only after using prescription ketoconazole and then Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne (and since reading FC’s blog, I assume it’s the benzoyl peroxide). I did lots of research after this and found the simple skincare science website. After reading all of his data and ordering Malezia, I feel excited that I think I’ve finally found a long-term solution. My skin is not perfect but it’s as clear as it’s been in a long while! I will continue using this moving forward! I even messaged them about a good sunscreen and they replied quickly! I love the detailed information and ‘science’ info behind it - makes me truly trust this product and any future products released!

Best face moisturizer

I’ve gone through 4 of these already. I did however take a break from using it for two months to use a different product which left my skin looking not so great, so I went back to this. Now my skin looks amazing and feels great.

Nothing compares

After using this religiously since it was first sold, I can honestly say it has made such a big improvement to my skin, texture gone, fungal acne gone, keeps skin moisturised. I do occasional find salty feel particles/lumps in it. It also leaves my skin a little red after applying however it is still my go to moisturiser and overall has helped heal my skin and brighten my complexion without causing any acne which is amazing for me :)

A. L. Jones
It Definitely Squeezes Your Tube

Yes, this tube key will squeeze out all of your Malezia product (and your other products too). Buy it to support skin care that doesn't wreck your face (f.c. we love you!).

Julia G.
Very nice

I hadn't considered purchasing a tube key before because I'm pretty damn good at manipulating packaging to get every last drop of product out myself lol But I was feeling bougie and threw this in the cart with my most recent moisturizer order and I love it! It's weighty, I like the color and the super chic Malezia logo on it, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do. No regrets ❤️

It's cute.

The tube key has weight to it. It feels and looks luxurious. I like it.

Kimberly Fritsche
Incredible Product

I have searched for the longest time for a moisturizer that doesn’t actually aggravate my skin or feel greasy, and does what it claims to do!! I was at a very low time in my life, with my skin, when I stumbled across this product. I don’t even know how I came across it but this product found me. I must have had an angel showing me the way. But this moisturizer is very light. It glides on. I probably use less then half of a pea size to cover my face and neck. The tube literally lasted close to a year. It is completely fragrance free. It does not clog my pours or aggravate my skin. I swear by this product!!! I wouldn’t say this has healed my skin. But it moisturizes and leaves my skin feeling lightly dewy. It calms everything down. So I’ve ordered my second tube. I cannot say thank you enough to f. c. You have truly put your heart into this, and I hope this finds its way to someone as broken as I have been. ❤️

Maria K
Better than steroids….

Seriously. Worked like steroids except it’s safer for long term use. I’ve had seb derm - dry red patches along my scalp on and off, sometimes above my eyelids or around my ears… and a chronic rash on my back that mostly only tamed in the summer temporarily but never completely went away unless I used steroid creams which were only a temporary fix and I didn’t want to use them consistently….

Malezia feels mild and safe for daily use. My skin is clear and soft. Grateful! Try it!

Ryan W
Great product

Been feeling with some super weird skin thing and am in love with this product. It’s moisturizing without causing irritation. I’ll keep using this as long as they keep making it. Also, definitely buy the tube key!