We’ll get straight to the point. Here are a couple ways we are addressing environmental sustainability. 

1) Malezia uses sustainable aluminum packaging that is 100% recyclable. Here’s a short video demonstrating how easy it is to recycle our products! To read more about why aluminum packaging is better for the environment, please see this post from our founder on instagram.

Additionally, we offer a reward program for anyone that collects 5 empty tubes. In return, you’ll get a free product of choice! Simply email for more information :)

2) 1% of all Malezia sales go to fighting climate change by donating to the following organizations:

Donations are sent at the end of each month, and are split evenly between all 6 organizations. For more information about what each of these amazing groups do, please visit this page.

3) We source environmentally friendly raw materials wherever possible. For example, we use USP Organic Glycerin that is palm-free and sustainably produced from flax seeds.

Fun fact: did you know when Malezia's microbiologist is not in the lab doing skincare stuff she coats seeds and clones in bacteria to improve carbon sequestration in plants and soil? 🤗🌱🌻

4) We don't do press kits or have specially designed boxes. Let's be honest, these serve no purpose other than a temporary visual appeal that ends up in the trash anyway. We also have no interest in retailing in major stores because they require additional carton boxes for shelving which is wasteful.

When you order from us, you'll receive a recyclable corrugated mailer box filled with biodegradable packing peanuts made of organic starch that decompose in water. That's it. Nothing but the bare essentials. 

5) We’ve partnered up with Corso to fully protect orders against loss, theft, damage, or delay, while also making them carbon-neutral.

This is done by calculating the amount of carbon that each shipment releases, and then investing in projects that reduce or absorb an equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere. 🌲

Learn more about where the money is invested at 🤍

6) All our bulk packaging components are delivered via cardboard and paper. Other than the small tube caps, no plastic is ever used throughout the life cycle of Malezia products. 

7) We do our own manufacturing, and therefore have very tight control over minimizing any waste generated during production. There's an ugly unspoken truth in the beauty industry, namely how much bulk product is dumped during the scaling processes between pilot and production batches. 

8) Our headquarter is located in a temperate climate state, in addition to being well insulated, and radiant barrier treated. This allows us to store raw materials and finished products with minimal energy or AC usage. 

9) We are currently in the process of transitioning to 100% sustainable energy for all our operations including manufacturing, transportation, and water processing.

By the end 2023 our goal is to rely exclusively on solar power, use electric vehicles for all work-related transportation, and rely on circulating water systems versus reverse osmosis since the latter produces a lot of water waste.

It may be a lofty goal, but maybe with your help we can get there! :)

The environment is very important to us, and it's essential we each do our part to curb climate change. We hope you’ll join us on this mission by supporting Malezia, and have peace of mind knowing your purchase is not harming the environment and actively making a difference towards the health of our planet.  We appreciate your support!


The Malezia Team