malezia tube key
malezia aluminum tube key
aluminum tube key malezia moisturizer
aluminum tube key malezia moisturizer
malezia skincare aluminum tube key
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Malezia Tube Key

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In love with your new Malezia skincare? Hate to see even a smidge of it go to waste?

We hate freeloading product too — the dollops that like to linger in the back corners of the tube, or in the folds and crinkles where they think that no one will notice them. At Malezia, we suffer no fools and we tolerate no slouches.

**Enter super sexy tube key.**

Sophisticated, chic, and hot off the production line. This embossed tube key was specifically designed for whipping those insufferable little deadbeats back into fighting shape.

Do I need it?

While you may be tempted to force product out with your super strong bare hands, we don’t recommend it.

Malezia tubes are constructed of sustainable aluminum that is 100% recyclable. This means that, while the oceans and ozone layers are a big fan of Malezia, the packaging is susceptible to splitting if it is pinched, crumpled, or rolled incorrectly. Oh, the sacrifices we must make for the continued survival of our species!

Utilizing a tube key will allow you to safely and effectively squeeze out every last bit of product without risking tears or leaking product.

Yes, you could get by without it. But don’t be a hero. Save yourself the hassle, frustration, and money on replacement product by adding it to your cart at checkout.

How does it work?

Firstly, squeeze the end of the tube as flat as possible along the seam. Next, slip the seam of the tube into the pinchers of your tube key. Give it a quarter-turn or so to secure the tube around the key and get your roll started. Voilà! Go give that acne hell.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews

Super sturdy and does the job!

Kathleen Prewett
Must have accessory!

My daughter gifted me these products with one tube key to try on my adult acne. I'm a big believer in using products down to the last drop. Thank you for offering an accessory to help me do just that! I ordered a second one fir my other tube!

Adeline Mundt

This little thing works great! I’m glad to have it, and highly recommend others pick it up. Makes it so easy to squeeze out every drop of product and reduce waste.

Marianne Marston
Love the concept..

But the tube keys are very large and heavy. Whilst I do like a solid, well made product as much as anyone, these, although they work very well winding down the tube, they do not stay in place and make the tubes difficult to store neatly. So I take the tube key off and store it separately. Which is why the 4 star review.

Im gonna be honest, you don’t need it but its nice to have and very weighty which feels nice and expensive lol. Buy it if you want to feel fancy but if you don’t then you wont miss much, Ive gotten mostly all my product out
with my hands and the edge of a counter.

Denisse J.
International Shoppers Beware 🚩🚩

Update: Excellent customer service. While I began my previous review expressing dissatisfaction with international shipping and its handling, I want to clarify that this is the responsibility of the transport service. After several email exchanges, we concluded that nothing more could be done for the package stuck in customs, as the last carrier before UPS Mail Innovations is unresponsive and unable to pay the fees. I want to express my gratitude to Sergio for his attentive assistance throughout, and I'll be awaiting my refund, I maintain my position that if you reside specifically in MEXICO, which I hope is the only place where the transport has issues between service providers, you may encounter this problem. However, in case it happens, rest assured that there will be assistance from Malezia. I hope in the near future, and if they change carriers, I can once again try purchasing their products.

(First review here: If you're considering an international purchase, I strongly discourage it. The service is restricted to the United States, and once outside the country, they disclaim any responsibility for additional charges. Although this initially isn't a problem, you'll find yourself in the unfortunate situation of NOT having a local tracking number for your country, CRUCIAL for monitoring customs fees, etc. I placed an order over a month ago, and they never responded to Instagram DMs, only an email many days later, pointing to their FAQ section (Avoiding responsibility as a company for the extra charges, which, if they had taken the time to read my initial complaint, they would see is NOT the issue…) In years of shopping across various countries, this is the first time I've encountered such an issue, especially in a paid international shipping service as they claim to be. It's truly regrettable, and I may not consider buying from them again, they leave you powerless, with no chance of recovering either the money or the package stuck — deeply disappointed 👎🏻👎🏻)

Hello Judith,

We are addressing your review to clarify our position and the steps we actively took to resolve the international shipping issue you encountered.

It is unfortunate that you chose to leave a one-star review AFTER we reached out to you within 24 hours via email with several updates on your atypical situation. Here is everything we did to address your concern:
‎‏‏‎ ‎
1) Provided the latest information on your package being held by the international carrier due to charges / payment being necessary in Mexico.
‎‏‏‎ ‎
2) We requested international tracking number from our courier partner, to allow for tracking within Mexico, and inquired about standard procedure for international shipments to improve the transfer of information to local carriers.

‏‏‎ ‎
3) We communicated this information to you via email as soon as we received it. Your situation was complex and not typical of most customers from Mexico, which required more investigation and patience.
‏‏‎ ‎

4) We confirmed with our fulfillment center and UPS, that the final mile carrier in Mexico was holding your package because you had not paid custom fees.

‏‏‎ ‎
‎‏‏Lastly, as a courtesy and per our shipping policy we regularly refund customers if they do not receive their products in the mail. Thank you for understanding.


High quality


worth it


I got a notification that I received it but I haven’t received it yet

DeAnn Krueger
You need this!

My first time trying Malezia product was without the tube key and I found that there was probably remaining product that was left behind. Trust me, you will want to use every last drop! Their product is too good to waste!