malezia acne treatment gel
malezia 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel
malezia fungal acne treatment gel
malezia acne treatment gel
fungal acne treatment malezia
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Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)

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The powerhouse behind Malezia's four step regimen. Our moisturizer may hydrate the daylights out of skin, but this is what treats acne, eliminates blackheads, and refines texture! 😉

Our advanced acne treatment uses 2.5% micronized benzoyl peroxide, an FDA-approved antiseptic, to target acne with precision.

The micronization process breaks down particles to a finer size, enhancing skin tolerance and reducing irritation risk. 

This method ensures effective acne management without compromising the skin's natural moisture balance. In fact, clinical studies have even shown that micronized benzoyl peroxide can increase skin moisture levels.

For reference, our benzoyl peroxide has an average particle size of 5 microns: smaller than the size of a bacteria cell.

We've also included 0.5% sodium phytate for its ability to boost skin moisture and elasticity, regulate oil production, and combat hyperpigmentation.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use our acne treatment gel.

For more information on the benefits and microbicidal activity of benzoyl peroxide, please see this post on Simple Skincare Science

Inactive ingredients: Water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Phytate, Sodium Hydroxide

Customer Reviews

Based on 708 reviews
Lindsay Thomas

I never write reviews but I had to for this product. I am in my 40’s and suffer from hormonal acne. My skin has never looked better since starting this product. My acne has cleared up and my skin has an amazing glow to it. I will be repurchasing this for sure!

My daughter’s holy grail!

My daughter who is now 19 years old had tried everything for her acne. My oldest daughter suggested this to her and it works!


Like many other users, I began to do more research on their products and I was sold within 10 minutes in. I bought the gel and applied it every night and saw results within 5 days. My bumps on skin were gone within first week so I can only imagine what a month in will do. Im very excited to try out the rest of their products . Would highly recommend to anyone dealing with stubborn bumps on face .

Cleared everything

My daughter (17) had a mix of malezia and cystic acne all over her forehead and it was starting to spread to her cheeks and chin area. After a week of using the BP, her skin is pretty much clear. It’s amazing. She has so much more confidence now. Thank you

Works well, not irritating

This product works well. It does not cause any irritation (my skin is sensitive). The bottle will likely last me a long time.

Levi Muhm
Magic Potion - Worth it x1000

First off - I am a transmasculine person on exogenous hormones with a combination of type 1 and 2 rosacea. I never see this perspective in skincare reviews, so if you have a similar situation, listen up!

My skin is super sensitive, angry about everything, and starting hormones complicated everything (led to increased oil production, clogged pores, and more acne). Most things recommended to treat acne are too harsh for my rosacea, so I suffered with embarrassing breakouts that lasted forever and were painful. I'm in my thirties, and having adult acne is a soul killer. I've tried every topical you can think of to treat rosacea and or acne - but nothing really helped. I was hesitant to try this because my skin is so sensitive, I didn't want to waste more money, and I believed my acne to be primarily hormonal. HOWEVER - this stuff completely cleared my neck, chin, and jaw in like two weeks. I don't apply it to my cheekbone area as it has the most sensitive rosacea-affected skin, but I apply it everywhere else on my face. It has effectively stopped my breakouts!!

I'm still working on the redness from rosacea, but I'm so grateful to only have to focus on one skin issue at a time. I do still get the odd pimple, but they only stick around for a day or two and never reach the super-angry volcano stage. Please never change this formula and thank you for keeping it affordable!

Meghan Joseph
Game changer!

I have struggled with sensitive skin and acne since I was a teenager and in my 40s have finally found a solution! I use this cream am and pm, with the moisturizer over it, along with the cleansers. It has transformed my skin - it is clear and moisturized, which I could never achieve with anything else I have tried - the expensive ones, the harsh drugstore ones, or the prescription treatments from my derm. Am so grateful to have found!

Michelle Madison
Works within a day!

I've seen noticeable results just in one night of use my pimples went down at least 25%

Emilia Halton-Hernandez
Brilliant product

I am so so grateful for this product! I have been fighting the good fight against fungal acne on my face, neck and chest for the last 6 months and was keeping it somewhat under control using only Nizoral and squalane oil, but I couldn't get rid of a bumpy and rough texture on my skin. Since using this product with the Urea moisturiser I have had the best skin in months (probably years). It is so much smoother, less oily and blemish free. So pleased with the results, will 100% keep using! Before and after pics included.

Kristin Suda
This stuff is the BEST!!

I am a menopausal woman that really never had any acne as a teenager. Once I hit perimenopause, my skin decided to act up and I had red marks and blotches on my nose and cheeks. My doctor prescribed expensive creams and gels, none of which helped at all. I couldn't go anywhere without make-up for years because my skin was so red and blotchy. I saw a review of this stuff and thought, I'd give it a try. What have I got to lose? Well, within a week or so, my skin was clear and felt great. And now I can go out make-up free without the embarrassment of red blotchy skin. I don't know what's in this stuff, but it's a miracle in a tube to me!