malezia acne treatment gel
malezia 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel
malezia fungal acne treatment gel
malezia acne treatment gel
fungal acne treatment malezia
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Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)

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The powerhouse behind Malezia's three step regimen. Our moisturizer may hydrate the daylights out of skin, but this is what treats acne, eliminates blackheads, and refines texture! 😉

Featuring 2.5% MICRONIZED benzoyl peroxide, which is an FDA approved topical antiseptic for the treatment of acne. 

Perhaps you've tried benzoyl peroxide in the past and weren't a fan because it can be irritating and make skin drier than Satan's weenus. We get it! That's why we emphasized the micronized part.

Micronization is the process of milling down the average diameter of a solid material’s particles. This is important because homogenous dispersions of finer particles have proven to yield better results in fighting acne with less risk of irritation. In fact, one study found micronized benzoyl peroxide actually INCREASED skin moisture! 

For reference, our benzoyl peroxide has an average particle size of 5 microns: smaller than the size of a bacteria cell.

But that's not all! We've also included 0.5% sodium phytate for its ability to boost skin moisture and elasticity, regulate oil production, and combat hyperpigmentation.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use our acne treatment gel.

For more information on the benefits and microbicidal activity of benzoyl peroxide, please see this post on Simple Skincare Science

Inactive ingredients: Water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Phytate, Sodium Hydroxide

Customer Reviews

Based on 449 reviews
Karen Hubbard
Amazing Products

I have spent many hours researching, purchasing and trying to find products that would work for me. Malezia is the only one to do it job and not contaminate my face. Truly amazing, if you’ve been looking, you have found it!


Good product and lightweight gel. Is helping clear my skin

Rachel Dunn
1 year 8 months later - still 5 stars!

I have now been using the moisturiser and acne gel since March 2021 when the line launched. I thought it was time to do a review again and to express my gratitude for these products.

If you have acne, do not just buy the moisturser alone. Get the duo, cut out all the other nonsense from your regime, and I strongly suspect you will have the best skin of your life. Hands down the best BP product on the market (and the best topical product to treat acne) and I have tried them all.

I have suffered with cystic acne on my chin area for my whole adult life, cyclical with hormonal changes in the month and deeply deeply painful. I resorted to accutane for a short period prior to starting using Malezia products, but came off the medication due to the side effects of the drug.

I do not have fungal acne, I never have, yet these products and the pared back consistent regime that I am now following have given me the best skin of my life. My regime is - AM water / BP gel / moisturiser / SPF... PM oil-based cleanser / BP gel / moisturiser.

With only one month exception where a unrelated medical issue sent my hormones into overdrive and my skin went into meltdown, I have largely been acne free. Sometimes I do get the warning signs of cystic acne (that niggling under the skin pain) but the BP gel tends to keep them under control / kill them in their tracks. Sure, I get the occasional spot but I now have confidence that if I do, they will be short lived, smaller, and less painful. Consistency is king - I maintain my regime every day, and my skin is happy.

Terrible!! Do not buy!!

This product arrived with no safety seal and rust forming inside the tube and contaminating the product. I emailed the company about a refund and they never responded. Garbage product, unprofessional business, and complete waste of money.

Hello Anna. Two things:

1) Your tube is not rusty or contaminated. Aluminum is physically incapable of rusting. What you are seeing is our BPA-free liner that coats the entire inside of the tube to prevent product from reacting with metal. You can read more about it on our FAQ.

2) We respond to all inquiries within 72 hours in the order they are received. We sent you a message stating this, and it has only been 48 hours. Thank you for your patience while we finish getting to customers ahead of you in line.

Great for acne and overall exfoliation

Love it. I've been using benzoyl peroxide for years for cystic acne, but really love this formulation for all-over getting rid of dead skin cells. To prevent skin sensitivity, I don't use everyday unless I'm having a bad breakout, but just a few times a week as needed all over the face has been a great complement with the urea moisturizer.


I love the moisturizer! It’s perfect for my combination skin. (I have flaky dry patches and well as a really oily T zone) I find that this leaves my skin hydrated but no oily residue at all!! Overall really impressed with this product and I plan to keep purchasing!

Finally getting rid of forehead bumps!

I had really stubborn bumps on my forehead and nothing was working to get rid of them. I finally tried this treatment gel and I noticed a huge improvement after one application. I've been using it as part of my routine every other night for almost 2 weeks and the bumpy texture on my forehead has reduced so much. I used too much on my first application and irritated my skin, but now I use a pea-size amount and haven't had any irritation or redness. I was so used to trying different products and just hoping they would work, but not seeing any significant improvements in the long run. I was surprised to see results so quickly with these products - this gel is great and I've been using the moisturizer for a few months and loving that as well!

Forever grateful for this company

I was a long time sufferer of pesky acne that we threw everything but the kitchen sink at without ever getting complete healing. At a point when my skin was at its worst I started doing some Google research and came across the simple skincare science website and it changed everything!!! I took one course of an oral antifungal and my skin cleared. I switched my skincare to brands they said were safe and my skin responded well. The amount of time and thought and information that I was handed for free was like a God send. It still baffles me that multiple dermatologists never once mentioned fungal acne. Like, WHAT?! That’s another topic. When my skin started to flare again recently I went back to my bookmarked website to revisit some info and saw the link to the skincare line. Of course I had to try it. I took another course of oral antifungals so I don’t have any miraculous before and after photos to show bc my skin had cleared up again like a charm. However, I wanted to try these products for maintenance and support these people who helped me so much. I’ve been using the two products for a couple weeks now and I really like them! I was pleased with the price points even though I feel like the moisturizer will go quickly. The quality of the products are top notch. I love them both. One might expect irritation and sensitivity when starting out but I have not experienced that at all. I’m very impressed. I’m a pharmacist and I’m no stranger to ALL the skincare things. I will be a repeat buyer for sure!

I would give this a hundred stars if I could

I have been struggling with breakouts for over two years now related to two different pregnacies and literally nothing worked. A friend of mine reccomended this product and it's been amazing! Two weeks and my skin has improved more than it has in months with other products. I have sensitive skin that's also very dry and this is the first time a product has cleared up my skin without causing redness or dry flaky patches. I'm about to order more to make sure I never run out.

Good for sensitive skin and neck/chest area

I have had what I am almost positive is fungal acne on my neck and chest on and off for years. In the past, using a Selenium sulfide shampoo would make it mostly go away... but it smells weird, is only like $2 cheaper than this treatment, and it could never fully clear my skin. Been using this cream as directed for about 2-3 weeks on my neck and chest and my fungal acne is basically GONE! Skin is the smoothest I have ever seen it. I have extremely sensitive skin and am allergic to seemingly everything, but this product is not irritating at all. Love it.Thanks so much-- people are always asking about my ~chest rash~, hopefully that's a thing of the past! Will recommend to all my friends.