malezia tube key
malezia aluminum tube key
aluminum tube key malezia moisturizer
aluminum tube key malezia moisturizer
malezia skincare aluminum tube key
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Malezia Tube Key

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In love with your new Malezia skincare? Hate to see even a smidge of it go to waste?

We hate freeloading product too — the dollops that like to linger in the back corners of the tube, or in the folds and crinkles where they think that no one will notice them. At Malezia, we suffer no fools and we tolerate no slouches.

**Enter super sexy tube key.**

Sophisticated, chic, and hot off the production line. This embossed tube key was specifically designed for whipping those insufferable little deadbeats back into fighting shape.

Do I need it?

While you may be tempted to force product out with your super strong bare hands, we don’t recommend it.

Malezia tubes are constructed of sustainable aluminum that is 100% recyclable. This means that, while the oceans and ozone layers are a big fan of Malezia, the packaging is susceptible to splitting if it is pinched, crumpled, or rolled incorrectly. Oh, the sacrifices we must make for the continued survival of our species!

Utilizing a tube key will allow you to safely and effectively squeeze out every last bit of product without risking tears or leaking product.

Yes, you could get by without it. But don’t be a hero. Save yourself the hassle, frustration, and money on replacement product by adding it to your cart at checkout.

How does it work?

Firstly, squeeze the end of the tube as flat as possible along the seam. Next, slip the seam of the tube into the pinchers of your tube key. Give it a quarter-turn or so to secure the tube around the key and get your roll started. Voilà! Go give that acne hell.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
It’s working

I’ve been using it for about 5 months. The top row of photos is when I started and the bottom was 2 weeks ago. As you can see the redness and bumps have diminished significantly. I do get ingrown hairs on my face so that also contributes to some of my acne. But I’m really happy with my results so far. And will continue to use this product!


The moisturizer is amazing and has helped with the texture of my skin better than the anti aging exfoliants I’ve tried from cosmetic dermatologists. It also leaves a nice glow without being too heavy. Sunscreen and makeup seem to layer over it without issue. The acne treatment is so much better than any benzoyl peroxide acne treatment I've ever used. I was hesitant to try the acne treatment because I never had luck with anything specifically marketed for acne but I was having a fungal acne flair up (accidentally used moisturizer with the wrong oils) and was desperate for relief. Just a few days of the acne treatment and I was clearing up without any flaky or irritated skin (used only at night and the moisturizer twice a day). I have also noticed a reduction of blackheads but that could also be the exfoliant aspect of the moisturizer. I have been cautious with the treatment to avoid bleaching anything and so far my eyebrows and hair line seem safe! This BP is either less harsh than what I used as a teen or I was reckless with the application then. I saw a review that mentioned the packaging - just get the key. I love the sustainable packaging. Somewhere on the site the packaging is explained. The key is essential and makes it a breeze. I ordered both the treatment and the moisturizer and have only needed the key on the moisturizer since I use that more. I’m reordering the moisturizer and still have plenty of the treatment left.

Nora Hubert

I was diagnosed with malassezia this past year. All the dermatologist did was prescribe me an ointment that did little more than keep it under control. A Fellow RN told me about the founder and creator of Malazia. Within days of receipt/use of the product, my skin condition completely cleared up 100%. I nearly cried at the results. I could not thank my friend enough for the shared information. I already ordered/received my second tubes. Additionally, the price is reasonable, which is convenient with inflation issues at this time. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Excellent product

I got the moisturizer on a recommendation from a friend, and I also bought the benzoyl peroxide on a bit of a whim. I mostly use Cerave and The Ordinary products and these two additions perfectly complimented that routine. The moisturizer is light but effective. But the benzoyl peroxide is the real winner for me. It really nips those blemishes in the bud before they can get red and inflamed. These two are my new must-haves.

Loved it but my skin hates BP

I must preface this with I think my skin does not like the benzoyl peroxide… I don’t think it ever has liked BP or responded well to it for acne, so that’s not on Malezia. However BP treatment is very nice feeling and goes on easily. It didn’t pill either.
As for the urea cream — WOW. It is so creamy and moisturizing. This is what I was looking forward to most as I sometimes get dry patches on my skin from weather or stress. It resolved a lot of dry skin issues for me and is great as an additional layer of moisturizer that is heavy but won’t break me out. 5/5 stars for the cream! My husband is going to try it for his (very) dry skin — we are both prone to skin issues.

I only give 4 stars because I wish there were an alternative treatment to the BP as it just isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean the product isn’t good. I’ll probably be giving this to a friend to try.
All in all I really hope for the success of this business. The amount of product and ingredient research I had to do on my own for malasezia and Fungal acne was tiring. It was relieving to find a small business that is trying to fill the hole in that market. Cheers

Sarah Gardner
Skin Saver!

I have fungal acne on my neck and chest (note I'm 41 and haven't had acne since my teenage years, so this has been crap). The flareups have been terrible - my neck SO red with itchy bumps. I went to the dermatologist, tried various prescriptions, some decreased the bumps, but also then killed my skin and made it so dry and even more itchy. I found FC's blog and started researching and said what the heck, let's try it. The urea cream is a lifesaver, it is my new daily moisturizer and the BP is what I use whenever the fungal acne flares up - it knocks it out in a day or 2 (warning it does tend to stain, so doing it at night and using pajamas or sheets/pillow case you don't care about is recommended). I can't wait for a Malezia sunscreen, then my skincare routine will be complete. Thank you, FC for Malezia!!!

Melissa Zelenovic
Great product!

I was advised to get this moisturizer by my esthetician…. Mostly for my daughters who are prone to break outs.
It’s very light and doesn’t feel “moisturizing” but I do know that it is moisturizing and exfoliating. It feels good and does not have scent which I appreciate.
Sometimes I add a serum or other cream later in the evening if I want to feel more moisture on my face.
Overall I think it is a great product!

Christie Tull
Working for TSW skin!

I've been going thru topical steroid withdrawal and have a damaged skin barrier. I was at my wits end with the constant red and flakey skin. My daughter had malassezia overgrowth on her face and we worked thru that with the help of f.c.'s blog and using malezia. I never thought that I should try this lotion! I wasted a year of this being in my house and not using it myself. I am finally seeing hope with my skin and the horrible flaking is going away. Stunned and excited. I'm sure the steroids I was using years ago caused fungal issues, but now I know and I'll be a customer for life!

Lisa Salisbury
5 Stars!

Love the moisturizer!! It is so creamy and works great under makeup!

sabrina sypniewski
The moisturizer

I have perioral dermatitis around my nose and the moisturizer is actually the only thing that has cleared it up. It’s something that keeps coming back but this has helped a lot.