malezia acne treatment gel
malezia 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel
malezia fungal acne treatment gel
malezia acne treatment gel
fungal acne treatment malezia
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Malezia Acne Treatment Gel (2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide)

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The powerhouse behind Malezia's three step regimen. Our moisturizer may hydrate the daylights out of skin, but this is what treats acne, eliminates blackheads, and refines texture! 😉

Featuring 2.5% MICRONIZED benzoyl peroxide, which is an FDA approved topical antiseptic for the treatment of acne. 

Perhaps you've tried benzoyl peroxide in the past and weren't a fan because it can be irritating and make skin drier than Satan's weenus. We get it! That's why we emphasized the micronized part.

Micronization is the process of milling down the average diameter of a solid material’s particles. This is important because homogenous dispersions of finer particles have proven to yield better results in fighting acne with less risk of irritation. In fact, one study found micronized benzoyl peroxide actually INCREASED skin moisture! 

For reference, our benzoyl peroxide has an average particle size of 5 microns: smaller than the size of a bacteria cell.

But that's not all! We've also included 0.5% sodium phytate for its ability to boost skin moisture and elasticity, regulate oil production, and combat hyperpigmentation.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use our acne treatment gel.

For more information on the benefits and microbicidal activity of benzoyl peroxide, please see this post on Simple Skincare Science

Inactive ingredients: Water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Phytate, Sodium Hydroxide

Customer Reviews

Based on 501 reviews
Jessica Carrier

I'm prone to perioral dermatitis, fungal acne, blackheads, and regular acne. Most skincare products are irritating and comedogenic for me, but this product causes zero irritation and has significant benefits. I started using this product to treat perioral dermatitis along with doxycycline, and azaleic acid + niacinamide. It started making a difference very quickly on the affected areas, and within a week had also completely cleared my pores. I cannot remember a time in my entire adult life when my pores were this clear. This is truly an amazing product, I'm so grateful for it.


This product along with hyperbiotics pro 15 has changed my life sooo much. Thank you simple skincare science.

So Disappointed

I wanted to love this product so badly. I tried it to try and clear up small bumps around my hairline that seemed fungal in origin. After 2 weeks of use I started to develop clusters of deep and painful cysts all over my forehead. I decided to continue to trial this product as the product information stated that this was probably a purge phase; fair enough. I am now over 4 weeks of use and my skin is the worst it has been in years. I’ve made the decision to stop this product as it has seriously disfigured my face.

Also I’d like to add that I was not able to submit my review after I gave this product the lowest star. I had to give it a minimum of 3 stars.

We are very sorry about your disappointing experience with Malezia, and wish you all the best finding something that works for you!

With that said, we wanted to clarify your last point about not being able to leave a 1 star review: that is simply not true.

We use, a third party app that independently verifies reviews and does not allow us to edit them. We have proudly received their highest 'gold transparency' honor award, and do not shy away from people leaving us negative feedback.
We fully embrace 1 star reviews (as much as they bum us out) because we are under no illusion that Malezia will work for 100% of people. With that said, we contacted directly and requested they change your review to a one star and were told the following:

'In line with our authenticity policy, we do not allow star ratings to be edited to maintain the integrity of reviews on'

Really Disappointed :(

I'm not sure if it was the BP gel or the moisturizer but something about these products my skin absolutely did not like. I generally have unproblematic skin besides a few areas that I think experience fungal acne. Therefore, I was really hoping to improve the texture of my skin. I really don't experience pimples or anything too concerning, it's just my forehead primarily and a bit of my chin aren't smooth. I patch tested for a few days and then kind of forgot about the products for a week as I read it can take some time for a reaction to happen so I didn't want to test my luck by jumping into things when I didn't immediately see problems. Well, when I finally used the products my entire face was covered in closed comedones and a large, hard bump formed on my forehead (something I have never experienced...and it is only now beginning to go down after a week though it looks like a scar will be left behind though all I've done to it is use a pimple patch for a day). I know purging can happen but from what I've read, if breakouts occur in areas you don't normally get them, it's likely a bad reaction to the product. I really wanted to like these but they just didn't work for me. I honestly wasn't going to review but I kept getting reminder emails about doing so and as much as I want malezia to grow and prosper, I do think it helps to offer honest reviews even if they aren't all positive. I was certainly convinced by all the beautiful before and after photos and am so sad that wasn't my experience. One thing I would certainly like to see in the future (and I know this won't be possible without the growth of Malezia) is the ability to return products that didn't work out for us. It's really unfortunate to have spent so much on products I was barely able to used and would be too nervous to try to use again :(

Mary Driscoll

I have struggled with clogged pores for years. In the past, they've been so bad that I had to visit a dermatologist to have skin extractions to deal with them. Some were too small for extraction and were just blemishes that never went away no matter what I tried. The Malezia moisturizer and acne treatment combination cleared up my skin in a matter of weeks and have kept it clear. Love these products!

Erin O.
Skin Healing, Not Skin Clearing

I’ve been fighting acne since I was 13 or 14. Tried EVERYTHING under the sun with no hope whatsoever towards the end. This (and the Urea lotion combination) didn’t just clear my skin, it healed it. Not only is my acne under control but I don’t have to tiptoe around my skin anymore. Before when I used previous products and had good results I would have to carefully maintain my routine or risk another massive breakout. Now I just moisturize when needed. It must have been just what my skin ordered because I didn’t even have a purge. Within a week I could tell I was on the right track. Keep in mind, I may have had some advantages because my skin was already acclimated to a much more harsh routine. In addition, I spent two weeks just rinsing and moisturizing before I started to add in the BP lotion at all. Really can’t say enough good things and Malezia has a new customer for life.

Life saving benzoyl

This stuff is the best breakout gel I've ever used. I can use it multiple times a day for breakouts but it doesn't dry out my skin too much as long as I use it with the moisturizer. I love how much it has simplified my skin care routine. This stuff really is so good. Just a small pea size amount with about a quarter size amount of the moisturizer is my go to for controlling breakouts on my next, chest, and shoulders. I use about 1/3 of that amount for my face in the same way and it works amazing.

I can't recommend this product enough

This made a dramatic difference in my skin, looking back to try to find a 'before' picture I was shocked at how bad my skin used to be because I had actually forgotten! Within just a week the texture changed and within a month I wasn't having breakouts, dry skin, peeling, or a lot of redness anymore. I use this and the moisturizer and have recently added a sunscreen (cosrx) and BHA (paula's choice) and I'm very happy with my skin now! Quite literally changed my life :)

Apryl G
RUST! And tragedy after tragedy.

Update 3/14/23 - Customer service forgot to keep the same condescending energy in their public reply to me. I attached the private reply I got via email! Terrible customer service by Sergio Reynoso. They prefer to escalate their issues instead of trying to provide…. Service? At least they gave me a refund so I can move on from this business.

Original: I wanted the user experience to be so good but I have a terrible first impression. First, I open my tube and it explodes EVERYWHERE. On me, my floor, my blanket. Wasted so much product! There is no safety seal (you know those little tabs you pull away from the top or puncture.) then I clean up the mess and clean the tube and I see RUST. I think it was bloated and exploded because the product was no good and the container was compromised but still ICKY. Then the next day I find that it bleached my new carpet (installed Sept 2022) and bleached my blanket (bought April 2022.) I haven’t even used the product yet!

UPDATE 3/14/23: we were perfectly pleasant the first 3 times you contacted us despite you continually making false claims that our tubes were “RUSTY” and “ICKY.” It was only after you were condescending a third time, that we said we would not respond to any further rudeness with kindness.

‎You also tried lying and said we edited your review — something you have since deleted.

Additionally, after clarifying the color you were seeing on the tube was our BPA-free liner (not rust) and referring you to the FAQ, you kept doubling down and demanded a refund, which we gave, for a product that was not defective.

Hello Apryl! Fortunately, your tube is not rusty or contaminated. Aluminum is physically incapable of rusting. What you are seeing is our BPA-free liner that coats the entire inside of the tube to prevent product from reacting with metal. You can read more about it on our FAQ:

‎Secondly, to prevent excess product from coming out of the tube when initially opening it, simply hold the tube upside down and give it a shake. This will force the gel towards the crimped end of the tube, away from the cap.

Lastly, as stated on our FAQ — benzoyl peroxide can bleach fabrics, especially if they are wet or damp. We recommend keeping it away from fabrics for this reason. Thank you!

My holy grail

I've been using this along with the moisturizer for over a year and my skin has never been better. These are high quality products that have helped me keep my skin's hypersensitivity to yeast and resulting fungal acne in check.